LIVE! 2-Day Charge High Ticket Challenge With Manish Pahiljani! Starts Saturday, December 16 @ 11:00 AM IST

Exclusive For Trainers, Coaches & Consultants Who Are Hungry to Hit 10 Lakhs/Month

Give me 2 days, and I'll reveal how to



Get 20-40 High Ticket Clients Every Month! Without Doing ANY Webinars, Workshops, WhatsApp Class Or Low Ticket Offers!

4.8 Out of 5

(This Charge High Ticket Process has done over 30 crores in sales in past 3 years!)

Life Transformation Workshop

Transform Your Life using Simple 6 Steps Process In Next 21 Days

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This workshop is specifically designed for women who...


  • Feeling alone and disrespected

  • Want to accomplish something great

  • Want your husband's job/ business to do well

  • Want to help your family to overcome their challenges

  • Want your child to grow in all aspects


  • Feeling lagged and demotivated in your work

  • Want better salary hike this year

  • Doing fine but want to grow big

  • Want better salary hike this year

  • Want personal time for your family and friends

...then this is for you!

Event Schedule

Date : December 16 - December 17, 2023

Time : 11:OO AM - 1:00 PM & 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

"Join this "first of its kind" 2 Days LIVE Event designed exclusively for Trainers, Coaches & Consultants to transform their Coaching Business with exclusive Charge High Ticket Process - No Technical skill required."

What Can You Expect From This 2 Day Event?

In This 2 Day Event, You'll Learn....


11 AM - 1 PM

High Ticket Foundation


11 AM - 1 PM

How to get clients who can pay you more?


6 PM - 8 PM

How to scale your coaching business to 10 Lakh/month or More ?

Meet Your Host

Manish Pahiljani

Manish Pahilajani, the visionary Founder of Charge High Mastermind and the School of Occult Science, is India's foremost Handwriting & Signature Analyst. With over 9 years of profound coaching and training experience, he has generated a remarkable revenue exceeding 30 crores for his students.

His journey in the field of Graphology has been nothing short of transformative, and his expertise has made him a luminary in the coaching and occult sciences landscape.

Manish Pahilajani believes that charging premium prices is the key to unlocking personal and financial elevation, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and prosperity.

Join us for this transformative experience with Manish Pahiljani and take the first step towards a journey of charging premium for your premium services.

Before The Event

  • Typical value ladder, low profitability, high stress.

  • Doing countless webinars and sales calls.

  • New month = New sales, no hype or waiting list.

After The Event

  • Sell High Ticket Straight.

  • Enjoy easy 70%+ profit margins, recurring revenue, and low stress.

  • Customers eagerly buying your offers!

NOTE : Our content is exclusive and private, not for everyone. Seats are very limited! Please make sure to attend 100% after you register.

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